i don’t know it they’ll work very well, but i thought i’d have a go. so you now have some lovely polls to fill in on the right. we can all learn about each other in aggregate. the polls should rotate randomly. possibly.
let me know if you have a good idea for a question (and a few answers) or have any problems.


4 thoughts on “polls”

  1. that is a lovely idea.
    the most popular poll ever on my college’s website was one on grilled cheese sandwiches that they did last week. usually they ask more serious stuff.
    These were the results, in case, you know, you were wondering what canadian Bible college students answer to the question “How much do you like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches?”:
    The best, no matter what! 17 answers, 14.8%
    The best, especially with Tomato soup. 66 answers, 57.4%
    The best, especially when you call them, “Cheese Grilled Samwiches” 11 answers, 9.6%
    I like them best with some nice fresh tomato slices inside. 8 answers, 7%
    I like them best with zucchini slices inside. 2 answers, 1.7%
    No thanks, i’d prefer not. 11 answers, 9.6%

  2. artificially coloured (notice the ‘energetic’ british spelling?) is at 100% right now. thanks to ME. come ON. i KNOW you all have pink hair too!

  3. lots of crazy canadians will only eat grilled cheese with tomato soup. i think that tomato soup is disgusting. i don’t particularly like grilled cheese samiches either.
    i was one of the 11 “no thanks, i’d prefer not to”s.

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