piano roadie

kezia likes to do the sound check for the piano when we are playing. she was given a microphone whilst she was playing today but she shooed it away, preferring to concentrate on the accompaniament rather than singing.


6 thoughts on “piano roadie”

  1. yesterday was Mothering Sunday, and also Refreshment Sunday which is the one day in Lent when you are allowed to relax your regime a little.
    One pillow instead of none perhaps? Two pillows on Easter Day?

  2. Is this a sort of David Blaine “Above the pillow” thing?
    Do you find people are throwing things at you and taunting you with soft furnishing?

  3. I hope that at Easter you will be able to reveal what you learned on your spiritual journey. Have been having any divinely inspired dreams while being sans pillow?

  4. i haven’t been sleeping enough to dream recently.
    the pillow had returned last night when i went to bed as jane had picked it off the floor where i threw it. i quickly threw it back, but for about 10 seconds it was lovely.

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