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marble on the carpet

there’s a period in life when you don’t have to worry about marbles on the floor. for me this was the period between leaving my family home and having children. like all things you forget what the reality of a thing was like until it returns.
marbles are great at just being there when you put your foot down. usually directly underneath your foot.
when i was a kid i used to think that marbles were miniture spy cameras which were put in our house by aliens / the police to spy on me and my family. i was utterly convinced about this and i can remember vividly staring at a marble which had rolled under the sofa in my old old house when i could have been no older than 6 ! i was really spooked back then.


6 thoughts on “marble on the carpet”

  1. sssh – don’t tell anyone. i’ve been storing up some entries for next week …
    they don’t appear on the main index page until the date they should (but you can see them on the various archives and the xml feed if you want to spoil the fun).
    autoblogging. it’s the future.

  2. Sounds like a bug in your temporal blogging. You could always lend me your camera and I’ll blog for you for a week.

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