cerne abbas fertility giant

here’s something outrageously british. apologies to any american’s still in shock from janet jackson’s superbowl outing ! It’s the Cerne fertility giant
It’s best seen from the air, but you can see it fairly well from a viewing point. unfortunately we went on a very foggy day.
notice the giant’s scissors.

here is a photo from the information board:
we followed the Giant trail which takes you by the giant’s feet. you can’t enter in to his area as it’s fenced off. so the walk is simply a nice walk round a hill.
here are the sign posts:
here’s me with a massive blob of mud on my shoe:
here’s an actually quite nice clock with an interesting second hand:
and here’s a giant ginger bread man and information leaflet:
the best thing about this place is that (other than the items above) it hasn’t been commercialised. the village it’s in is absolutely beautiful and the countryside is amazing.
it’s quite ironic that something this blatant has been kept so well hidden !


5 thoughts on “cerne abbas fertility giant”

  1. it was £30 so quite a bargain. but we weren’t too sure where we’d hang it in the house.
    i’m not sure that pagan fertility symbols with rotating willies work too well in the modern christian household !

  2. Out of interest, how did you exlain this you your girls? I’m not sure that it is somewhere I’m ready to take my two to.

  3. esther has a postcard of it to send to catherine but never got round to writing it.
    otherwise, esther asked what it was and we told her and left it as that !
    she was more confused by the ribs.
    i read a story about a group of school kids visiting it and asking their teacher what the obvious thing was. she replied ‘scissors’ (hence my comments above)

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