up and out


4 thoughts on “up and out”

  1. This could be an excellent resource for evangelism-based cell groups… (YAWN!). At least you could tag it “God”.

  2. Wasn’t “up and out” or something like it written on the great glass elevator (lift) button at the end of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl)? If I remember right, the lift eventually went up and through the roof of the factory, and took Charlie and his grandfather home to see his bedridden grandmother.

  3. possibly. in this case it directed us up a level in a multi-story car park (oh the stories i could tell you about parking).
    once we were up a level it directed us back down and we were able to exit.
    i looked, but there wasn’t a sign which said “down and out”.

  4. I think “Up and Out” was indeed the name of the last chapter of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.
    And on the way down should’ve been monikered “Down and In” shurely?

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