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thanksgiving for jane’s granny

today was jane’s granny’s thanksgiving service. they have a tradition in her family of holding the funeral on a different day from the thanksgiving which i think works really well.
we met up in a supermarket prior to the service. one of jane’s distant relatives asked her “is this your first funeral ?”. he then said “oops, that wasn’t a very good chat up line was it”
There then followed a moment or two of silence and then he said to himself rather gravely: “death … the great leveller”
here is a photo of jane’s granny taken last summer:

however, today was definately the celebration of a fantastic christian lady. the cool thing is that i totally believe she’s gone to heaven so we’ll get to see her soon !
meanwhile we all sang songs, and listened to stoires and organ playing and Bible readings and then ate sandwiches and cakes and remembered how lovely she was. here is andrew, mike, catherine, jane and binky:
it’s great to meet up with family and the day was a strange mixture of jolliety and sadness. mostly jollyness though as she would have wanted it.
being ever sensitive i took my camera and in the end everyone left wanted a big family shot.
i’m sure she would have been tickled pink by the party and would have loved to have been there. and in a way she was.
it’s now got me thinking what i want at my funeral. i may make up a service card and let you know what my plans are.


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