can you guess what i’ve given up for lent ? i’ve even surprised myself with the randomness of this plan
UPDATE (also redated to reposition it)
here is the item i have snubbed:
jane (my wife) said “it’s just a stupid idea. there’s no point. why are you doing it”.
i said “it’s good to have a challenge”.
and she said “well, i think it’s just stupid”.


30 thoughts on “lent”

  1. watching TV
    polishing your shoes
    grumbling (though you don’t strike me as a grumbler)
    cutting your nails
    brushing your hair
    playing anything above volume 5
    going to bed after 10.30pm
    posting bloggs more than once a day (boo hoo)

  2. The important question is: Is it helping you in your spiritual journey in this period of reflection and penitence?

  3. wearing socks?
    london busses?
    your travel pass?
    inter-departmental e-mail? (you have to walk to deliver your message)
    This is becoming a bit like Rumplestiltskin, isn’t it?

  4. yes. i just thought to myself “what shall i give up for lent” and i decided “pillows”
    so my head rests on the bed and i wake up with a cricked kneck.
    but it’s only for another 38 nights.
    best of all, i can complete the challenge whilst asleep (mostly)

  5. it’s like that blackadder episode (inheritance?) where the religious aunt and uncle visit. and uncle nathanial has to sit on a spike at dinner because a chair is too much of a luxury. that turnip!

  6. Pillows!! Congratulations to Tony. I snore if I don’t have a pillow, so my other half would put her foot down – so to speak – on any pillow deprivation in this house.
    by the way, is this a record for the number of replies to an blog? and a blog without a photo at that?

  7. probably for me it’s some kind of record. especially since there is no picture.
    perhaps i should add a picture of the pillow. i’ll consider for later.

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