cat update

jane poured the water out of the cat glass as she was worried the cat might dissolve. i pointed out that that was the point. (lots of words duplication in that last sentence). so i filled it up again. but i took a photo first

click for big version


3 thoughts on “cat update”

  1. i stopped by to see how the cat was doing, and phewffda, there is an update. my day is complete.
    have you thought about actually using the cat as a bar of soap? those cat-soap-making-people could use it as a marketing tool to get kids to wash their hands. have esther and kezia tried it?

  2. i haven’t actually touched the soap myself. i got esther and kezia to do it (just in case it had any adverse reaction).
    the packaging claims the soap is soft enough for children to use.
    you’re right about kids loving anything shaped like a cat/dog. quite why that is i don’t know.

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