cat update

remember the hairy cat ? If not, familiarise yourself with it first, then come back and see what happened next. Thanks to michelle for urging me to get on and do this.
see how we turned it from hairy back to slippery smooth (some of the photos are clickable):

esther and kezia helped me with the experiment. they first weighed up the gravity of the situation before each of them was allowed to give it a stroke:
DSC00196.jpg DSC00197.jpg
then esther picked it up and dropped it in to the pre-prepared glass of water:
DSC00199.jpg DSC00201.jpg
the cat sank and esther got worried:
DSC00202.jpg DSC00205.jpg
so she lifted it out again:
DSC00207.jpg DSC00208.jpg
it was all slimey so we put it back on the plate and i changed the glass water:
then kezia wanted a go:
DSC00212.jpg DSC00214.jpg
they then inspected the specimen which looked big and distorted by the water in the glass:
finally, kezia gave it a last stroke goodbye and we put it on the shelf to dissolve away
DSC00217.jpg DSC00218.jpg


5 thoughts on “cat update”

  1. I find that strangely disturbing. The way it grew hair was kinda freaky…I doubt that anyone would actually want to wash with it?!

  2. i have to admit that i am disappointed by the fact that it’s hair disappeared when it went for a swim.
    i am however, ecstatic that i am now world famous. 🙂

  3. Reminds me of that urban legend where you put a coin in a glass of Coke and it’s dissolved by morning.
    How long did it last in the glass? A time-lapse photo sequence would’ve been great!

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