have you seen it ?

t610.jpg brother edd has lost his mobile phone.
he had it yesterday but hasn’t today. can you have a quick look around and see if you can find it ?
It’s a Sony T610. he’s checked his pockets but it’s not there.

9 thoughts on “have you seen it ?”

  1. Dont have a sofa. All i remeber is putting it in my pocket when i left the house. When i return it not there. I have looked in my car and every where where I have been but to no joy. It has gone.

  2. phone your number from another phone… and listen. follow the rings and you’ll find the phone.
    or ask the chap who answers what he’s doin’ with your phone.

  3. sorry, no-one in the studio saw it, though iā€™m sure it flew down south for the winter. cape town is lovely this year. perhaps you should study the migratory patterns of the sony and set a trap for yours?

  4. well, thanks for looking anyway. we’ve friends in cape town. i should have thought to ask them to have a look round too.
    next time i’ll get brother edd to attached a leg clip thing so we can identify it when it comes back in the summer.

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