some people can’t finish their

there are two sorts of sign writers – those who can finish their sentences and those who
no ft, no comment (thanks grahame !)
here are some more:
DSC08540.jpg DSC08541.jpg DSC08542.jpg
this last one is quite interesting and may reveal the sad truth behind this inadequate sign writing.
perhaps the sign writer wrote “look right” but then realised he’d stuffed up the word “right”. So he over did the word “right” which meant he didn’t have enough paint to do all the letters in the other sentences.
instead he ended up creating a sign which nearly says “look bright” which he obviously doesn’t. he “ooks stupid”.
my apologies yet again to purveyors of the english language. i know i’ve used “”s when i should have used ”s around my words.

2 thoughts on “some people can’t finish their”

  1. I think the street artist was painting some wisdom in “looking both ways,” perhaps wanting others to do so before crossing the street (or, in a broader sense, crossing life).
    Maybe the guy had to hurry because a gang of renegade street cleaners was bearing down on him as he painted!

  2. When I was younger they were building a new neighborhood a few blocks from where I lived. If you headed down the main block in the new subdivision, the street name was spelled differently on every sign.
    Sometimes it’s just too much work. As long as people know what you were hinting at, it’s good enough.

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