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my advent calendar disaster

i went off to get an advent calendar from the arty boutique called Paper Chase. I chose a nice one, but when i got back to the office and opened the door i found … nothing.
(click picture for big version)
i took it back and got a refund and went looking in other shops. they only seem to sell chocolate ones now, but i wanted one with a picture in it. i even found one which was a countdown to newyear and had 32 windows !
so i went to Marks and Spencers and asked the security guard. he said “the hulk one is the one for you mate. Look at it, it’s awesome”. i took his advice and purchased this very festive item:
and here’s what was behind door number 1:
it’s a little choir boy. where on earth am i going to get a photo of one of them from (without being arrested) ?


6 thoughts on “my advent calendar disaster”

  1. It raining out as you know and M&S is too far away to walk in the rain. I might pop to Safeways and have a look there. I however do not want the box. If it was un-used then I could add it to my nerd comic collectables but no.

  2. I suggested we bought the Hulk one for your daughter but was overruled. We got a religious one – I don’t know, they’re bringing religion into everything these days.

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