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advent day 7

day seven of the advent calendar picture challenge – it’s a festive dog
so, here are the pictures:
here is esther’s toy dog, recently adopted by kezia. i’ve put it in our plastic green teapot for comedy effect
and here is a robot dog i bought for 50pence outside a shop in Brick Lane, London. it was very cheap as it only has three legs. we’ve had much more fun attaching clothes pegs and small wheels to the third leg than we ever would have had if it had its full compliment of legs. buy broken stuff is my motto. (how our friends look forward to their christmas presents from me)
i was going to take a picture of a teeny weeny small plastic dog i used to play with as a kid with brother edd, and now esther and kezia play with it, but it was sadly not in the places i expected it to be in. if it turns up i’ll let you know !


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