7 years of christmas factory fun

jane has been as busy as a busy bee. i was a little busy, but only at the implimentation and printing stage. jane drove the concept, construction and dispatch phase.
“what am i on about ?” you ask. “christmas cards” i answer.
i’m not going to reveal our 2003 christmas card just yet as some readers will be receiving their’s by the method of her majesty’s royal mail.
(others will have already seen it and are here to claim their money back guarantee).
update: you can see 2003’s here
however, here are some ones of years gone by for your delight. it’s interesting to see how things have progressed. my photo shop skills have improved for sure !
a paper nativity with movable characters. the first few photos are from the photo shoot. this was kezia’s first appearance

the final card and commemorative top trump card (i went a bit photoshop mad last year):

kezia hadn’t been born and esther was an angel.

esther as a toddler

what was i thinking. it must have been the 6 months of sleepless nights with esther which made this such a poor entry. i can only apologise to anyone who received this card for the quality.

this wasn’t too bad – i stuck our heads on someone else’s picture i think

the earliest card on electronic record. we were married in 1996 and i don’t think we did anything fancy card-wise that year (i don’t think we even had a proper computer). but we did by 1997 and we went kerazee !


9 thoughts on “7 years of christmas factory fun”

  1. This year’s card gets full marks for artistic endeavor, but fails on practicality – it keeps falling over!

  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I was lucky enough to recieve a full set, and was overjoyed to get this years.
    My personal favourite was 2002 which was spectacularly better than any other christmas card Ive ever had…

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