poo-ometer ?

here is a device on the wall in the men’s toilets near the business lounge at Tegel Airport. it’s obviously measuring something, but what ?
(click for big version)
Travelling is an education. whilst waiting for the plane i learnt how to grow very long parsnips (use a drain pipe) and whilst flying I learnt how to transport pets to australia (use a specialist company – allow for around £1000 per pet including flights (via Bangkok) and quaranteen).


4 thoughts on “poo-ometer ?”

  1. I’m surprised that you have never been arrested, or at least, “done over”, for taking photos in men’s toilets.

  2. This is actually the first poo-o-meter…pooometer…poometer…yeah…that I’ve ever seen.
    It seems to be reading in cubic meters, so it’s possible that your joking description is frighteningly close to reality.
    Spin the dial, win a prize!

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