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more bush stuff

last night whilst walking back to the train station i was listening to an FM radio. However, i experienced electro-magnetic fluctuations which caused the channel to become unlistenable. what else could this have been other than Bush’s secret agents secretly communicating ?
i’ve had enough of all this excitement, so i’ve decided to go to Berlin for 25 hours. It’s a business trip of the worst kind – fly to berlin, taxi to hotel, sleep, get up early for conference, taxi to airport, fly home. no site-seeing for me this time.
i’m not even taking my computer so there may be no blog updates until tomorrow (thursday) pm !

3 thoughts on “more bush stuff”

  1. Technical note: you should set up (sans www) to point to your website, as well.
    Sometimes, I’m just _that_ lazy.
    (You cooperation could save me 1500 keystrokes a year.)

  2. I was going to change my website to just “T” but I don’t think it would work. Just think of all the traffic I’d get through typos!
    Hope your trip went well.

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