what’s this you say ?
it’s the window on my train this morning. the windows are double glazed and about 2 metres wide. this morning my window had water in between the two panes of glass to the depth of about 2 cm. Whenever the train accelerated or slowed down a lovely slow wave of water would ripple along the window and the angle of the water would change. it was really soothing and i watched it for the entire 40 minute journey.
they should fit them as standard.


3 thoughts on “accelerometer”

  1. It comes as standard on most of the slam door stock that South West Trains have. That if the windows are not falling out.

  2. Could add sand.
    This reminds me of the pictures that you could get in the eighties.
    You’d have to turn the carriage upside down to get a “new” sand picture though unless the windows could be made to pivot separately for additional passenger enjoyment and added value…

  3. pivotting would seem safer in the long run. my line has had its fair share of carriage inversions.
    if the wheels could stay on the track and the rotation was only the carriage then i think your idea has merit.
    submit a business plan and i’ll run it by the board.

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