what i ate today (in words and pictures)

today i plan to log my consumption. i’ll update this entry throughout the day.
breakfast 6.15am:
* multifruit juice
* gerbil museuli (peanuts, sunflower seeds and some other nuts i don’t know the name of)
* Calcium and Chromium supplements
* Mug hot water
sugar rush 8.30am:
* bottle Ribena
* Big Mars Bar
* another hot water
Leaving do lunch (13:30):
DSC07798.jpg DSC07799.jpg
DSC07800.jpg DSC07803.jpg
4oz(actually) Ostrich and Cranberry burger, fat chips (‘fries’ to the international audience), 2 off 1664 beers, cookie and ice cream cake and a mug of hot water (too hot to drink)
Conference Call Mint (15:30):
Commuter Beer (17:30):
DSC07809.jpg DSC07810.jpg
Both of these half pints were free as a result of the Government’s ‘Beer for Commutters’ scheme. (actually it was a London Pride beer promotion which had something to do with Rugby).
Arrive home (19:15) snack
mmmm – crisps (‘chips’ to the international audience)
Evening Meal at Heather and Clive’s
DSC07813.jpg DSC07817.jpg
DSC07820.jpg DSC07823.jpg
DSC07824.jpg DSC07827.jpg
Tomato soup, fizzy lemon drink, chicken, sausage, stuffing, runners (fresh from the supermarket, not the garden), carrots, crumble and custard, hot water, mini mars bar and fancy ‘big eye’ truffle. All cooked by Heather and tasted mighty fine.
Final supplements
Multifruit juice, garlic, copper, eradicin forte, fish oil and bedside water
I really didn’t expect today to go like it foodwise. i don’t usually eat at a restaurant during the day and we don’t usually get invited out to be fed so fantastically. I also don’t usually drink much alcohol – the leaving do during the day and free commutter beer were special events today.
but then everyday is different, so perhaps i don’t have a typical dietous day. how interesting (or not)