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a load of techies met up in our conference room yesterday. they brought a couple of switches and a load of yellow patch cables as techies love nothing more than wires, ethernet and IP.
they probably all sat there communicating with each other in total silence (except for the clickety-clickety of techy fingers) using protocols and applications we can only dream of. i suspect they didn’t even have computers – perhaps they’ve all got techy combover hair which when parted reveals a nice RJ45 socket.
i used to be a techy. but now i’m just regulatory. (i still secretly loves wires)

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  • Oi! 🙂
    I didn’t bring my laptop this time so didn’t get to use the smart yellow cables. They were however very popular amongst the foreigners.
    Also, to the best of my knowledge, no-one caused mass destruction due to tripping over an untidy cable. I believe this is a first for us as a group and we’re very proud of this landmark.

  • i’m quietly jealous. we have no wires at regulatory meetings

  • Don’t you all go wireless? Cables are great but wireless networks are more fun.

  • Wireless? Feh.
    There’s something much more comforting and reliable about a good solid bit of wire. 🙂

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