stranger in the office

a man has just wandered in to our office. he had a beard and a clipboard and stared at the ceiling for a while whilst rubbing his chin.
no one apprehended or questioned the man. maybe the clipboard made him invisible to any security measures (or people). perhaps i’m the only one who saw him ?
update: he’s back again at exactly noon, and this time he is staring at the photocopier in the same detached manner.


3 thoughts on “stranger in the office”

  1. we don’t know whether the chap was lucky or not. he seemed to have a gash on his head so he himself can’t be that lucky (unless he was lucky to escape with his life of course).
    if he was a lepracaun then maybe some luck will be coming our way. i’ll keep you posted.
    i notice you didn’t see the man, so we can compare luck …

  2. There is now another strange man in office. Defintely not a leprauchaun as he is rather tall. He spent 5 minutes measuring our door – EU regulations?? Anyway, think he realised I was staring at him, so he left…

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