October 2003


here is a glove i saw on the way home last night. the hour changed on sunday so it’s dark going home at 5pm, hence my use of flash. However, the flash does bring out that medical yellowy-brown colour you often see on medical things, which is nice.

blooming ‘orrible

i warned you about blooming over the summer. it’s not just a summer effect though. here is a winter blooming kitkat:
click for big version (yuck)

danger – don’t eat and read

britain’s newest blogstopper, telco-john, was eating an apple whilst reading the funkypancake blog. his concentration lapsed resulting in his consumption of half a fruity label.

contributed glove

found by Ash at the Angel tube station, about 4.30pm on Saturday.

free plants

londoners love their little parks – a small amount of greenery amongst the otherwise grey streets.
however, this feeling is obviously not shared by everyone. in particular the plant activists. they are sick and tired of plants being treated like caged animals and want their plants liberated to roam free in the countryside.
of course these liberators don’t want to ruin the environment so have chosen to state their views on a piece of paper cellotaped to a sign at the entrance to the park.
(the views expressed here are not necessarily my own. i am prepared to believe that a plant, properly fed and watered, and sheltered from frost can have a perfectly happy life in an artificial environment)


here is kezia ‘smiling’ i think she’s not quite worked out what the words means yet. it was a good expression so i took the photo anyway !
you’ll be glad to know i’ve kept up my tradition of disrupting church services today …

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funnel worship

today a group of us from our church and greyfriars (our old church) went to a music conference organised by the mwf in Sutton Coldfield.
it’s a couple of hours drive to get there, so we set off early and saw an excellent frosty sunrise. there was an excellent red haze in the air (as well as lots of Red Kites)
The conference was really good. lots of ideas, including introducing grunge and reggae in to our little church. i think we are on the way to doing that anyway, so at least we have an excuse now !
Christian conferences always have a bookstore. this was no exception. this might be my best book photo cover ever (modelled by Tony, the Greyfriars webmaster):
click for big version to fully appreciate it.
As for surreal things (which happen quite often in Christian circles), at one point in the proceedings they put a photo of a giant funnel on the screen for us all to admire and be inspired by. I wanted to shout “FUNNEL” at the top of my voice but decided that wouldn’t have suited the reflective mood.
I’m embrassed to say my mobile rang loudly during the final talk and i caused general disruption as a result. Other surreal thing was lots of flag waving which is very popular in modern churches. personally i think it’s dangerous and it won’t be long before somone has someone’s eye out and the whole thing gets banned. Here is a multicoloured flag waver:

what i ate today (in words and pictures)

today i plan to log my consumption. i’ll update this entry throughout the day.
breakfast 6.15am:
* multifruit juice
* gerbil museuli (peanuts, sunflower seeds and some other nuts i don’t know the name of)
* Calcium and Chromium supplements
* Mug hot water
sugar rush 8.30am:
* bottle Ribena
* Big Mars Bar
* another hot water
Leaving do lunch (13:30):
DSC07798.jpg DSC07799.jpg
DSC07800.jpg DSC07803.jpg
4oz(actually) Ostrich and Cranberry burger, fat chips (‘fries’ to the international audience), 2 off 1664 beers, cookie and ice cream cake and a mug of hot water (too hot to drink)
Conference Call Mint (15:30):
Commuter Beer (17:30):
DSC07809.jpg DSC07810.jpg
Both of these half pints were free as a result of the Government’s ‘Beer for Commutters’ scheme. (actually it was a London Pride beer promotion which had something to do with Rugby).
Arrive home (19:15) snack
mmmm – crisps (‘chips’ to the international audience)
Evening Meal at Heather and Clive’s
DSC07813.jpg DSC07817.jpg
DSC07820.jpg DSC07823.jpg
DSC07824.jpg DSC07827.jpg
Tomato soup, fizzy lemon drink, chicken, sausage, stuffing, runners (fresh from the supermarket, not the garden), carrots, crumble and custard, hot water, mini mars bar and fancy ‘big eye’ truffle. All cooked by Heather and tasted mighty fine.
Final supplements
Multifruit juice, garlic, copper, eradicin forte, fish oil and bedside water
I really didn’t expect today to go like it foodwise. i don’t usually eat at a restaurant during the day and we don’t usually get invited out to be fed so fantastically. I also don’t usually drink much alcohol – the leaving do during the day and free commutter beer were special events today.
but then everyday is different, so perhaps i don’t have a typical dietous day. how interesting (or not)

big eye

here is Tony and his BIG EYE

i love excel

i love excel. it’s official. here are some sites that i love because they too love excel. i’d write my blog in excel if i could. actually, i could. i could write it in excel, save as csv then upload in to the mysql database. mmm.
Buy the MrExcel on Excel book. i’d recommend it even if you never do any excel. share the shortcuts. love the application !

goodbye concorde

ah. just seen concorde fly over my house. last day tomorrow. probably won’t see it as will be at work, so was nice to say goodbye. i was too slow to get my camera – it moves quite fast you know (concorde, not my camera)
here was an earlier spotting of it.

vision impaired photography

Remember my blind photography idea ? Well someone has (independently) taken it forward, which is excellent. i’m really intrigued to see what they come up with !


Thanks to Chris Yuen for pointing this out

nothing exciting

another non event happening day working from home. my home office is loads less interesting than the streets of london. the lack of people and gloves make sure of that.
i did hear one comedy thing this morning. Esther proclaimed loudly “it’s eaten one of my chap’s Bible’s” (her ‘chaps’ being her favourit beany toys).
“what has ?” I asked
“the house” she answered.
scared ? i should be.

grass the cops

here is another congestion charge avoidance scheme. disguise your car as a garden.