nicknames are funny things. i never had a nickname given to me at school so i had to make my own up. Getting them accepted by my peers required a choice of name which would capture their imagination.
At School:
Dishcloth Dave
a derivation of ‘Dishy Dave’ which i would never get away with in a single sex school
Torchon David
the french version said in a french accent
At University:
I had a pet wooden spoon and loved chickens
Mr ScragEnd
i used to hang out with tramps at soup kitchens etc – they were often better dressed than me
Goth phase (15-18yrs old):
Occasionally I did get third party nicknames such as little goth during my goth stage. but then you have to expect to be called silly names if you dress up in comedy cloths.

(click for big version – picture from when i was 15ish i think). what incredibly good skin i had back then
So there we are. i’m sure there were others nicknames i forgot and i’m sure Brother Edd will remember.