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this post from dragoon reminded me that one of the exercises to get the choir to sing a particularly difficult phrase well was to sing it “on the vowels’.
this entailed ignoring the consonants and just making the funny vowel sounds. i was amusing to watch people’s faces whilst they did this.
i recommend you try it on a few sentence.
e e o o ou e o (let me know how you get on)

3 thoughts on “vowels”

  1. it took me a while to work out what you were on about.
    i think i shall sing all the songs at church in this style to make sure i’ve got the hang of it properly.

  2. Irishman doing a crossword: “Can you help me wit’ this one Paddy? It’s 4 letters, ‘Old Macdonald had one'” Paddy: “That’ll be ‘farm'”. “How do you spell that?” Paddy: “Oh I t’ink it’s E I E I O”

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