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Monthly Archives: September 2003

the safari is the main bit about going to Longleat, though after we were attacked by the monkeys it was the least enjoyable (at the time). once we were back in the carpark and realised there was no lasting damage to our car (other than a few claw holes in the plastic trimming) we decided we had enjoyed it afterall.
here are the sweet monkeys:
here are some tigers:
here is a wolf
we also went on a boat cruise in a tiny lake and saw a couple of hippos:
and a gorilla:
and everyone loves meercats:

my ear is still REALLY hurting. hopefully the antibiotics should be starting to take effect now (48 hours after i took my first one). should be fine by the time i’m back at work. kezia keeps pointing at the cotton wool in my ear and laughing. which is nice. no sleep last night. oh well.

here is a good sign being blatantly ignored by some giant chess people. this picture contains a lad referred to as ‘golden boy’ by his mum. she proclaimed this whilst having an argument with his dad. other people’s holiday strops are always amusing to observe

jane and i went to the poshest restaurant last night. was very good. here is jane by candlelight
in the toilet was some bodylotion. i never understand what us blokes are meant to do with that ? strip down to our underpants and lard it on ? i think not …
read the update here

a lady just came in to the place where i’m internetting from and asked if i was in here internetting last night. i said “yes” and she said “oh, that all makes sense now …”
very mysterious. this is a cool office though – they have a telly on the floor playing a music channel. Just had the Kings of Leon on followed by Elvis. if only i could hear properly i would very much enjoy working in an office like this !
right – must get back to help put kids to bed and head out for our second night out. this time we are going to a very posh restaurant apparently …

here is a nice night view of the swimming place. jane and i had our first night out (of two) last night. italian followed by a walk around a lake. very nice (but a bit chilly – the weather not the food).
today, the girls are very tired (all of them). My ear is massively painful like someone pushing a red hot needle down it all the time. a coprox cocktail will get me through our meal out tonight.
much misery this afternoon as esther lost her cycling mojo 🙁 hopefully we’ll get it back tomorrow. she’s ok on the flat, but after her dramatic exit whilst in motion yesterday she’s not keen to go downt he hill to the lake. ho hum

center parcs is so modern. they have a stereo oven in the chalets.
the sony sound system speakers are either side of the extractor fan. nice idea. now you can cook the dinner and wash the dishes whilst having a little boogie. I washed up to Stevie Wonder’s Very Superstitious and the Starsky and Hunk theme last night.

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