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Monthly Archives: September 2003

when it rained yesterday people realised they might get wet. we were prepared but others weren’t.
in the same way at school if you forgot your PE kit then you had to wear the ‘spare gym kit’ which looked (and smelled) horrible, people here had to but blue plastic bags at £1.50 a throw.
this was their punishment for forgetting their coats. seeing groups together of the ‘blue macs’ against the green forest was a beautiful thing.

gprs is cool – although it only works if i sit in the forest outside our chalet.
i have an ear infection. excellent timing !
girls are having great time.
winnie the poo, black rebel motorcycle and beck kept us all amused on route.
possibility of ‘real’ internet access this evening using laptop so can update you with pictures, medical info etc then.

sometimes you realise stuff when it’s too late.
for example i have a nagging fear that when i’m old and in a home i might suddently realise i love bungy jumping and wish i’d done it when i was more sprightly. i’m not worried enough about it enough to actually do a bungy jump though.
tonight i realised i love watering the garden. i haven’t done it all year. but it was great. maybe i’ll try remembering this fact at the beginning of next summer rather than the end.

here is one of my favourite books: radiant health.
it contains some real gems and some great photos.
here we are informed thus regarding the drinking of tea:
“Beatification of the ever-popular “cup that cheers” is really not warranted at all. The ultimate effect is injurious rather than reviving”
it also includes some miracle cures for common ailments, like colic and food poisoning. i can hire out some old pieces of hose pipe for those wishing to try these cures.
click for big version.
or how about this for hiccups – a few things to try in the office next time someone hiccups. i had to look up the word emetic. it was worth it.
click for big version

i have a small library of quality literature. i shall share some with you:
here is a book i purchased recently entitled “smocking for pleasure”. not a typo.
“[The book] not only guides would-be enthusiasts through their first projects, but also provides inspiration for accomplished smockers … Altogether an irresistable book for followers of this decorative and popular needlecraft”
smocks are so now.

here is esther and jacob. jacob is deconstructing a small house whilst bouncing on a trampoline. it’s like a TV version of changing rooms and it’s a knockout all in one go.
then they decided to fish whilst bouncing. jacob caught esther’s shoe
esther announced she had hidden some beetroot in the house. alice and jacob love beetroot.

i have a spam trap on my email. it has around a 98% success rate. One of my friends sends me emails occasionally and his emails always drop in to the spam trap automatically which amuses me. i think he uses too many exclamataion marks and capital letters.
today i received a non-trapped spam which the spam trap obviously decided was important and targetted enough not to be actual spam. it was if the spam trap was actually saying “go on, this would be good for you”.
plump lips.jpg
you know what, i might just give it a go …

this post from dragoon reminded me that one of the exercises to get the choir to sing a particularly difficult phrase well was to sing it “on the vowels’.
this entailed ignoring the consonants and just making the funny vowel sounds. i was amusing to watch people’s faces whilst they did this.
i recommend you try it on a few sentence.
e e o o ou e o (let me know how you get on)

exciting day spent doing tax returns. i agree with taxes generally. i’ve certainly got value out of the national health service over the last few years and the UK is generally a good place for public services (even if they aren’t world class). Doesn’t make filling in the forms any more exciting though. ho hum.

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