the hutton enquiry

there is much in the news about the Hutton enquiry. the enquiry itself is of interest, but of equal interest is the media surrounding the trial (which is itself about manipulation of the media etc).
they aren’t allowed to film in the courts so they get people to draw what happened instead.
brief aside: do you remember when they had to do that for people in Ireland. i was too young to understand at the time of course. poor children must have thought ireland was full of drawn characters like in the comics they read like the Beano. i support that is why there are so many Irish comics (it’s the way I tell them) – when they are not betting on pies climbing up walls of course.
anyway, i always assumed that the drawings were nicely scanned in before they appeared on the news. but in fact they are stuck on old doors and filmed for the telly:
here is the media frenzy:
upon closer inspection of the photo i realise i may have been spotted taking it (they appear in the top right of the photo above):
i’m glad there were plenty of barriers between me and them

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