Sony DSC-P71 windows driver

I don’t know about you but I’ve scoured the internet looking for drivers for my Sony DSC-P71 cybershot camera. [SEE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE]
In the end I gave up and tried to find the original disk. Half an hour later I found the driver disk. If others are interested, here are the drivers:
(now moved to Driver Guide to save my server some bandwidth) You may need to register, but it’s free.
If you have Windows 2K you want to install the USB Update (15KB) after you’ve installed the main driver. this was sourced from the sony website.
This driver allows you to access the memory stick in your camera as if it was an extra drive on your PC. An ideal way to drain your batteries !
Not worked out how to use the camera as a webcam in this mode. Suspect it’s not possible. Sony say their cameras aren’t decided to be used as webcams on their online FAQs.
Whilst downloading the file, why not have a quick look at the rest of the blog or leave a comment to say where you are from ?
If you find the driver useful then be thankful. you can thank me by saying “hello” and smiling at three strangers over the next few days.
If you have any problems accessing the file, let me know !
UPDATE: you could also try this bit of the Sony site for the Windows 2K and Windows ME drivers which might work on WinXP and 98 respectively (maybe!)
LATEST UPDATE: Sony now host these drivers on their own site. go here or start on the sony front page then go to the Support / Download drivers section. i’ve recently found them here (including a TWAIN driver)

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  1. Wow, trying to get my DSC P71 working under W2k has been a hassle. (This might seem strange, given that it should be very straightforward, but the Sony USB driver that is available on their website doesn’t seem to work.) I’ve had no trouble mounting my camera on my laptop (another W2k machine), but have also had problems mounting it under linux 2.6.0-test8 (both as a SCSI device and using the PTP usbfs protocol).
    Hrumph. Nice camera. Totally useless if I can’t transfer files.

  2. i use a seperate card reader myself. it saves batteries and can offer a faster transfer speed. i only use the driver if i’m visiting someone else or a cyber cafe

  3. I have Win ME. I have downloaded main driver and also the USB Update . USB Update – does not work!
    “This program cannot run under this version of Windows”

  4. Saved me a whole heap of time and effort. I’ve tried searching the sony site for the right drivers in past, but it’s impossible. Much appreciated!

  5. ok does any1 at all kno how to get this to run as a webcam as im very intriuged how this has got to b the only cam ive come across that u can not use as a webcam!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. Hi there funkypancake,I had searched for hours at sony and through the different things through Google for this drive and thankyou so much for having it here and sharing this with everyone.
    I really don`t know that much about computers,I`m still learning.The driver I downloaded has its own folder,not sure it should have been put into WINDOWS/SYSTEMS folder?
    Now I have another question please,I need to know the program that is installed onto your computer for the pictures to go into,and where to find it on the net,if possible.Not sure if I have to pay or it is a free download somewhere on the net.
    I received no software at all when I brought my camera secondhand.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me and I look forward to your reply,Thanks heaps.

  7. i can’t remember exactly what you have to do with the file – it’s been so long now ! You probably have to run it and then install your camera (or if the camera instal requires a driver, point it at where the files were extracted). sorry to be so vague.
    as for software, i use the excellent irfanview it’s free and brilliant for cropping and resizing and stuff.
    if you are new to digital cameras and stuff i recommend you buy a few high street camera magazines and learn the basics. they often come with cover disks with useful software to get you started.
    best of luck !

  8. Hello people,
    I’m Marcelo, from Brazil, and I can’t find a answer for my simple question> My DSC-P71 could work as my webcam?? But I read inteire usr manual, and any word about this issu, I found.
    Somebody can help me about?
    P.S.: sorry my bad english….

  9. i need the driver for sony dsc-p71, because i have lost the cd provided with the camera.Pls provide me the driver
    thank u

  10. If you can stream live pictures from cam to computer, someone who is a code king, (Not me, I am dumb) can write a simple web cam interface….right????

  11. Disregard last post….Confusion……You have to use the video out( AV Plug- yellow next to usb)into a capture card…..a $15 generiv tv card works fine. Then you can start using most of the webcam software ect ect for security or personal fun, blah blah….It does work, also if you go from camera into vcr, you get full screen video, not small framed video like when playing back on media player.

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