directory enquiries

have you used the new 118 numbers for directory enquiries yet ? I phone both 118 118 and 118 500 this evening …

in the middle of dark village i phoned to ask for the phone number of a house a few metres away from where i was parked (i didn’t know at the time).
i phoned 118 118 first as I like their adverts. they kept me hanging on a while and after nearly two minutes they failed to find my number.
i then phoned 118 500, the new BT one, and they answered straight away and gave me the number within about 10 seconds. the only issue i had was their keeness to connect me through rather than give me the number. this ends up being expensive so I just wrote down the number and called them myself.
118 500 also sent me a text message (without me asking) to my mobile phone also telling me the number
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