comedy moment in the waiting room

shortly after i arrived at the pain clinic a little old man was helped over to the seat next to mine. he was very sweet, but very old and a little unsteady on this feet.

at one point the receptionist lady, who was sitting about 5 metres directly behind him shouted tio him and he had to hobble over to her desk whilst she asked him when he was free for his next appointment. he then hobbled back to his seat.
after a few minutes she did this a second time to ask about delivering a letter to his GP. again he hobbled back to his seat
after a few minutes of silence she shouted a third time “Mr Smith ?”
he jumped straight up and was about to hobble over for a third time, but then she added in a very stern voice “your shoelaces are undone”
“blimey” someone sitting on the other side of him said, “she’s got good eye site”. which she must have done because the back of his chair was in the way of her seeing directly to Mr Smith’s shoes !
(name changed to protect the innocent).