car park misery

i got the train in to reading this morning. took about 1.5 hours door to door so had a bit of waiting.
whilst waiting i read an oftel explanatory document on rules for service providers under the new regime in case any one is interested in how i spend my time during the day 😉
I then met Jane in town and swapped her my train ticket for the car keys and drove myself home (she’ll come back later with the kids on the train). but not before paying for the car park.
the first pay machine i put my ticket in first said £2 to pay, but it owuld not take notes or cash. instead it said go to the machine two floors below to pay by those methods. so i went down two flights of stairs, inserted my card and it told me i had to pay £3 ! When i looked at the ticket it had just rolled over to another hour. how completely annoying.