a word to shout

on the way home tonight shout “macaroon macaroon macaroon” three times everytime you see a bald man.
if you are at home, turn the telly on, open the window and play the same game, shouting out the window every time you see a bald man.
if anyone presents you with a macaroon biscuit as a result of your proclamations, don’t trust them.

2 thoughts on “a word to shout”

  1. It’s not a hint. Its just complete and utter [word delighted]. Nonsense. Drivvle. Drival. Dribble. Oh I remember. Drivel. Leastways I think you spell it that way. Anyway I know it when I see it. I’m off to watch MP and the Holy Grail to improve my drivel. Drival. Driffal. I give up.

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