xmas 06

more food

lunch at jane’s parents: salad
lunch at jane’s parents: cold meats (including tongue)
dinner at our house: including brother edd, jacqui and my mum
the last of the christmas cake

christmas dinner number 5 – the big one

yesterday was christmas day and jane’s parents came over for lunch with their friend Janet
jane cooked a fantastic best-ever christmas lunch with about a million vegetables. missing from my plate shown here are parsnips (yucky fake carrots) and leeks (which had not made it to the table at this point)

and so the long sleepless night begins

esther writes:
“hellow santa Heeyer are some carrots for your Reindeer and some chocolate for you in the room next to the ofice is Esthers room Esther is 7 opsit is Kezias room she is 4″

the knitted nativity

our friends have a knitted nativity which is very cool. we saw it a couple of years ago here and interestingly i took a picture of the shepherds then too.
this time i also got to meet the person who had knitted it, but like all great artists she was too shy to be photographed.

santa got snowed in

(from my trip to the winter olympics back in March – he’d obviously been there a while)

and so christmas begins

yesterday was a great day – it started with a party in the Rectory, then we went to our friends tony and tanyas, then on to another party in the early evening. christmas has definitely started.
here is jane and me by a christmas tree

Goods in (and bad’s out)

This sign says “goods in” which i think is quite appropriate for christmas. as long as bad’s out. good is the trigger for santa’s delivery of course and is therefore a pass/fail thing.
for christians, christmas is all about God coming to earth so the pass/fail thing can be over-ruled. which is lucky as everyone would be a fail otherwise.
but i ramble.

xmas fish – dinner number 3

i know, i went to a fish restaurant and had steak and chips. i’m not very adventurous food wise, but then, the purpose of food is to stop you being hungry so i might as well go for something i know i like rather than risk something i don’t.