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watering cans

man mending a train by filling it from a watering can


the train we were on broke at paddington station so a man had to come and fix it


he did this by pouring ‘coolant’ (water?) from a watering can in to the train


a train man came and checked he was doing it properly


and finally a third one arrived to watch.  train journey increased by an extra half an hour but worth it for the watering can pictures

new style watering can

i’ve spotted quite a few of these new shape watering cans recently. perhaps it’s something to do with this monsoon drought we’re in at the moment.

filming with watering cans

i discovered that they are filming spooks here (which i also saw yesterday). this time it was the red watering cans which caught my eyes before i remembered the film crew which were hiding round the corner.

are these the plant movers ?

isn’t that typical – we’ve not seen a watering can for ages and then two come wandering down the road attached to two shaggy looking chaps carrying plants.
these chaps looked really depressed as they sloped down the road, but they were quite symetrical with their watercans and plants.
i asked if i could take a photo and unfortunately (for us) they smiled.

another watering can couple

it was valentine’s day yesterday and spring is on the way. traditionally Valentine’s day is the day that birds chose their partners for the year, but we can see the animal kingdom pairing up wherever we look (particularly on a saturday night in british drinking towns).
i think the same might also apply to watering cans. we saw a couple going for a walk last week. and here is a couple in our church nesting behind the font.


sometimes you realise stuff when it’s too late.
for example i have a nagging fear that when i’m old and in a home i might suddently realise i love bungy jumping and wish i’d done it when i was more sprightly. i’m not worried enough about it enough to actually do a bungy jump though.
tonight i realised i love watering the garden. i haven’t done it all year. but it was great. maybe i’ll try remembering this fact at the beginning of next summer rather than the end.