walk of fame

the walk of fame goes walkabout

well, i feel we’re rapidly converging on the walk of fame mystery. I popped in to St Pauls’s Church in Covent Garden on the way between meetings today. It’s a lovely church and well worth a look if you are down that way.
I spoke to their Concert Director who is a charming fellow. He explained that the church would love the Walk of Fame to be a permanent feature but it is currently ‘on tour’.
The walk of fame as seen here was actually just a temporary floor on top of the main floor as a temporary measure due to planning rules.
I now have the contact details of the television production company (on the back of the postcard in the picture). they should be able to give us some more details, like where precisely is the walk of fame now (in storage?) and will it ever come back.

the funny thing about fame

so, we eventually found out London’s Avenue of Fame / Walk of Fame / London celebrity name plate things has been taken away as it was only ever a temporary thing.
there were some good names on the plaques, including Ricky Gervais who i once spotted in the streets of london (see here).
i have to say i’m still not satisfied we’ve got to the bottom of this one, so i’ll go and ask in the church next time i’m passing. if you missed the original story it’s here

fleeting fame

back in September there was much fanfare when the london celebrity walk of fame was opened (see story here).
Here’s a picture i took back in October. I thought it was a bit of a death trap as those stars were really slippy in the rain and i nearly came a cropper. i never got round to posting this picture – sorry about that !
anyway, i took a short cut through there yesterday and all the stars are gone ! What’s happened to them ?
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