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transport (classical music)

shifting a piano


here are three men having trouble with a piano.  these pianos have been popping up all over london and are jolly good.


stand-ard bearer

here’s a posh chap carrying two music stands over his shoulder. it looks a bit like i’ve blocked his face out to protect his identity. perhaps that is actually how they do that face blocking out thing ?.

rap mobile

remember tim westwood’s mum-truck ? well, one day a few months back it had a flat tyre. and then it became a red one, with nearly the same number plate. but then the original one came back and this one remained.
so it looks like he’s got two cars. i assume he lives somewhere near where these cars are regularly parked ?

royal philharmonic orchestra lorry

transport of classical music is one of my less well populated categories. so i was delighted to see this today.
hello to the drivers who wanted me to say hello to them on this here blog. hello.

cycle protest

i got caught in a protest yesterday lunchtime. i’m not entirely sure what they were protesting for or about, but they seemed in good cheer.
DSC03586.jpg DSC03587.jpg

Royal Opera House lorry

i can scarce believe the amount of lorries i see which are transporting classical intruments. here is a lorry which belongs to the royal opera house.
DSC02644.jpg DSC02646.jpg


it’s a giant wardrobe for the london philharmonic orchestra
DSC00837.jpg DSC00838.jpg

britain’s best-loved orchestra

you’ve heard of a ‘band-in-a-box’ where a contemporary beat combo are loaded in to a small cardboard box where they play there music in glorious miniaturisation ?
well, no they’ve started doing the same with orchestras. the BBC concert orchestra parked opposite my office next to the Sony recording studios.
it’s britain’s best-loved orchestra apparently. how do they work that out ? is it totally amount of people that love them ? what if 100 people loved them, but only one REALLY loved them and the rest weren’t really that bothered ? would that make them more loved than the ITV orchestra which might be quite loved by73 people (who only listen for the adverts) ?
and wherever there are winners there are losers. so which orchestra is britain’s least loved ?