signs (food)

no food use enquiries


this sign has a brilliant phrase (in brackets) “no food use enquiries”.

perhaps they are plagued with people phoning them to ask if Eggs make good hats, or whether you can stand on a potato to reach a lightbulb, or if you can use custard to artex ceilings, or if it’s appropriate to threaten a policeman with a runner bean.

what food use would you enquire about ? 

down and out


i was really pleased with the title of this post !

if in doubt, leave it out !


this giant sign was at the edge of a field in the middle of no-where.  i’ve no idea what it means.


many uses for chewing gum

look at all these things you can’t do with chewing gum. you can’t smoke it, eat it, drink it or drop it. at least not in this hall. thank you !