man power for man


probably best not to ask.  it was one of those chinese herbal shops, and i don’t think it was dodgy.

blind down photographers

brad sent me this picture of a shoes ! last week (at least i think it was brad – i seem to have lost the email)

shorley fast_fashion.JPG
and moments later shorely sent me this fast fashion picture which he said was ‘Clearly a little too fast for its own good’.

air conditioned


good plan.  advertise air conditined cars on an icey morning so it looks like they’re got really powerful chillers.

golden hnd


we’re all looking for that gilt edged qualification.  how about a golden hnd ?

strange machine


there’s an empty office with glass windows near my old office which has this mysterious machine in the corner.  i think they used to have something to do with robot wars there.  anyone know what this is ?

two pounds ninety nine pence


jane and esther were waiting patiently in an award winning fish and chip shop which obviously didn’t win any awards for speed of service.  kezia and i were restless so we walked across the street to look at this gift shop.


nothing much passes kezia’s attention and she spotted that lots of the prices were two pounds ninety nine pence (apologies for not using the pound sign, it seems not to work properly on the blog)







2.99 was not a special price at all !


when things were a different price, they were often reduced from 2.99 (note the rare rogue 3.99 and 4.99 behind)


i thought it was brilliant.  and hopefully you do too !


day 10 shopping in haverfordwest and narberth

day 10 was a town visiting day.  we were in search of the gorky’s barafundle album which we eventually found in a second hand record trail.  we went to two of the most fantastic second hard record shops ever in fact, and i highly recommend them both if you find yourself in that part of town.  one of the gorky’s himself pops in occasionally, so that would have been very bizarre.

anyway, bonkers is a great name for traditional ladies clothing


it probably would have been a better name for this charity shop which had a mannequin dressed mostly in plastic bags


of course the welsh need to keep an eye on their flags


and you can never have enough apostrophe’s


seaside commerce


i spotted a lot of use of the word ‘famous’ by the seaside.  i suspect it might be used in place of the word ‘only’


these posters in an abandoned hotel were advertising tenby’s famous fun fair


and in the nearby town of saundersfoot there was a massive pound shop


this claimed to be saundersfoot’s famous one pound shop.


tune in tomorrow for more pictures from the famous funkypancake website

coffee emergencies catered for


this is a great sign on a shop just round the corner from Tony Blair’s house in london.  i wonder if he has coffee emergencies these days ?

if he does he can be sure that “they’ll serve him”.  in quotes.

those quotes probably mean they can give you a price before you place an order.  probably.

resident’s refuse store


council: “do you want a shop ?” 
residents: “no”


customer: “can i have a packet of crisps and a can of coke please”
residents store worker: “no”

award winning charity shop


it’s a shame comments aren’t working as i’d love to get your thoughts on how a charity shop can become ‘award winning’.  perhaps they excelled in odours.  or colour coordinated clothe rails, or retro vinyl, or number of salad spinners held in stock, or most used wedding dress, or …

u name it


seaside shops are the actual best

the best shop in the world ?


this shop was in bushmills in northern ireland.  it looked good from the other side of the street.


so we crossed over and had a good look.


i’ve got a mug like that (the one on the left).


it reminded me of bagpuss. if you look carefully in this picture you can see me and backpacker jess