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how to make your posters more exciting


with the election nearly completed (it’s a postal thing) candidates are looking for last ditch attempts to make their billboards stand out compared to the dozens of similar ones all over the place.

the answer is of course flags at jocular angles




i’ve enjoyed the kiwi approach to electioneering.  and their approach to graffiti.


politics – kiwi style


bill boards have popped up all over town to advertise candidates for the local elections.  this one caught my eye …


final days


this is one for those looking forward to the UK election.  it’s been really strange viewing things in a detached way from the other side of the planet (we didn’t register for remote voting in time)

i hope it all goes well !

peter mandleson in our garage


for some reason this front page picture of peter mandleson has unearthed itself and is now in pride of place as you walk in to our garage.  i’m not sure i like it.

what tony does next

i walked past tony blair’s house yesterday. cherie was in but tony wasn’t (according to the papparatzi types i asked outside). he’ll be in all the news today (wednesday) as he gives up his old day job. once again, funkypancake brings you the news first !

the cabinet office go to a manga exhibition

this caught my eye. it looks like an outing for the cabinet office under the guise of the UK presidency of the EU. i myself have benefitted from a presidency event (my recent conference in edinburgh). but mine didn’t have arrows pointing to a rather dubious lady picture !

a message for the G8

protect our world. take your shoes off (from the giant map outside city hall).
something the G8 leaders would do well to heed. if they had met in winter in scotland they could all have warmed their tootsies over the fire whilst toasting toast with their toasting toast forks.

the election

the blog’s been running on auto for the last week. did you notice ? i had a hectic week work-wise last week, then jane and i went to belgium for the weekend on friday and got back late sunday. so i uploaded a week’s worth of the usual junk last tuesday.
so we missed me voting. here is the sign on the side of the voting caravan which was parked in the pub carpark. this time i went on my own so couldn’t have a crafty drink with esther like last time

earlier that day i also spotted some ministers’ cars awaiting collection of their VIP passengers in paddington station:

the campaign trail

i’m proud to say i haven’t mentioned next week’s election on funkypancake and i plan not to either (d’oh).
here was a bus parked in paddington station. i’ll be interested in how much politics i come in to contact with in the next week (other than the usual media – papers/posters/leaflets/telly etc).
here’s a labour van at paddington station.
bus driver: “polling station ? i thought you said paddington station”


it’s the local and euro elections today. i’m working from home so took an hour out to pick up esther from school and wander down to vote. writing documents is boring, but at least you can be flexible with how you arrange your day.
anyway, here is this year’s voting story:
esther and my registration card:
last year there was no golf allowed. this year, thanks to a venue change, there were all sorts of additional entertainments (as if putting an ‘x’ in a box on a piece of paper wasn’t entertaining enough):
here is the mobile voting booth. they wouldn’t let me take a photo of my voting slip, so i didn’t:
after all that hard work, esther and i went in to the pub for cokes and crisps before heading home: