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the polystyrene plant


i know what you are thinking, but it’s not.  there’s no such thing as a sugar lump tree.  it’s in fact a polystyrene plant.  the one is in bloom, hence the poly blobs on the end of the spiky branches.


this sign would work well on my desk at work.

photo of photography CDs used as bird scarers

i was taking a picture of these CDs in garden and they blew round to reveal they were from a photography magazine. they weren’t very effective though as the picture i took isn’t great and the vegetables had been majorly munched by moluscs.


you miserable thief

i love this sign. it says “why don’t you leave our plants alone, you miserable thief”.
there’s a good use of capital letters (even i agree with their use in this case). And the sentiment is tremendous.
we can only hope the thief reads this little label which was tied to the neck of a large pot plant. they don’t call those bits of a plant necks do they ? trunk i meant. sorry.