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the slaughters

jane and i spent our 10th wedding aniversary in the slaughters. good name. great place.

brighton on a sunny day

everyone in england is required to travel to the seaside on a sunny summer day. esther, kezia and i spent the day in brighton so we could meet jane when she’d finished her bike ride.
it was very hot and there were lots of people there:

this isn’t always a great plan:

people as far as the lense can see:




there’s a lovely village in south Oxfordshire called Hambleden. it’s where they filmed some of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Vicar of Dibley.
You can walk from this picturesque village down the valley to the River Thames. you should do it sometime.

click for big pic


bracknell is a funny place. here is a gold building with a reflection of an equally attractive building.


click for biggness

the vyne

a trip to the vyne today. it’s very nice and worth a visit if you are in the area (or even not as we aren’t):
and again with tony’s head in the way:


i got up early to arrive in Cambridge an hour before my meeting today so i could have a mooch about. it’s a very nice place.
i got thrown out of King’s twice as it wasn’t open (i didn’t realise – twice)
king’s church with some nice music coming from it (but you can’t hear it on this picture):
some other college that was open, but i found it too late to fit in a visit before my meeting: