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phone boxes

tourist being touristy


always nice to take someone else’s photo of them being photoed by someone else

(update:  i think this was a photo from before we left the UK – looks like it’s outside the british museum)

click the picture to see the big version and enjoy the modernisation

umbrella trap

if you look carefully you can see a red umbrella trapped in an umbrella trapped. the phone box has come along to rescue him. (or perhaps he set the trap ?)

phone book

someone had left their address book in this phone box. i could have phoned all their friends to tell them. but i didn’t.

doorless phone box

here is a phone box without a door. except it has got a door. only it’s lying on the floor next to it rather than in the door hole.
so, for the purposes of anyone attempting to make a phone call, it may as well be doorless. which is why i called it a doorless phone box.