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(i think i preferred the curling version i saw here)

Richard Faulds
here is Richard Faulds, Olympic Gold medal winner.
Richard did a demonstration shoot which resulted in bits of clay pigeon dropping on our heads. which was nice

musical chairs

music chairs was just a demonstration sport in this year’s winter olympics. this was a warm up where no chairs had been removed.

olympic boot

this is an actual british olympian’s actual ski boot. note the jack union buckle clips.

an olympic torch bearer

this chap ran with this torch (lit) as part of the chain of olympic torch bearers. interestingly, so did finlay

large hill ski jumping

just in case you didn’t know where you were
sliding across the gurder on to the starting position
heading off
here is the big hill (click to see the big version where you can see the top)

men’s slalom
men’s slalom was probably my favourite to watch. the sun was great and with my zoomy lens i could watch the skiier coming down the hill far away
i loved their handbreak turns at the bottom

speed skating

i’m finally back to reality after being knocked out by flu for a week, followed by a few days away with jane, then a trip to the winter olympics ! Expect plenty of photos.
speed skating is great for arm waving
the italian winner
the bloke who came last

where to go curling
the place we went curling was Fenton’s Rink and it was most excellent. you must go with a group of friends and have a go.
i’ve put a few more photos here

an actual olympic gold medal

i’m unlikely to ever own one of these:
primarily because it was won at an event in the past and was awarded for the women’s curling. an event i didn’t take part in:
Debbie Knox won it instead:

cleaning and curling

curling is a funkypancake sport. not because i’m good at it though, because i’m not.
look at his utility bin.
beyond brushes, which are an essential part of the game, you also get to wear the most fantastic shoes.
initially they looked like normal trainers:
but you can pull the rubber bottom off (called a ‘kipper’) and reveal a super-slippy teflon sole, enabling you to whizz about on the ice like a mad thing
and look at all the other gadgets and gizmos you can get: