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a bridge to nowhere

this bridge has been stranded at paddington station for ages. it’s become a folly for our times (at least until they mend it)

automatic public toilet

this toilet may be automatic but it doesn’t seem very private. it’s just an open plan room with a curtain !
i suggest this is a direct result of Britain’s involvement in the Europe. we’re becoming more like mainland europe every day

click to inspect the loo


british people love queuing. here are a few standing in line by some bins.

non flamable flower beds

that’s the good thing about slightly damp cold winter mornings – flower beds are unlikely to burst in to flames.

why do they watch me ?

i’m often accussed of seeing human traits in inanimate objects. i’m not really sure what that means but it probably comes frow watching johnny morris when i was a nipper.
anyway, no one can doubt this looks like a little ghosty:
i thought it might be a kids dressing up mask so i flipper it over. and it turned out to be:

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magician’s lorry

this is like one of those magician tricks where they show you an empty box from the side then proceed to throw a cloth over the top then extract a live rabbit.
i suspect that modern haulage companies are concerned about transporting valuable cargo in their standard lorries and so have decided to use these magical ones instead.

the frog library

remember the old joke about the chicken and the frog in a library ? the chicken kept saying “book, book, book” and the frog replied “read it, read it, read it”.
i suspect i could have told that a bit better … in fact, it’s on this frog joke page if you are that interested)
anyway, here is a concept which could help that little froggy to store his books. it’s underwater shelving. part of Ikea’s new aqua range no doubt.

totem pole

perspective is a fine thing.
in the kingdom of the flat the one eye’d man is king.
DSC04817.jpg DSC04818.jpg

expensive lips

here is a coin slot on a charity box in a car park.