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muck master

what a great name for a farm machine

gregory demolition

what a cool name ‘gregory demolition’ is. if you were called that you’d know you were destined for great things. or punk rock.


we had a family discussion about names recently and esther questioned whether ‘Gertie’ could be a boys name as well as a girls name. Jane said “no, it’s short for Gertrude so it can’ t be a boys name”.
So i added that i though it could be a boy’s name as it’s also short for ‘Gertrand’. Jane looked at me puzzled and asked for an example.
“Gertrand Russell” i replied, very pleased with myself. Esther even went to get the book of names to see if i was right.
about 10 minutes later i realised it was Bertrand and not Gertrand and i felt a bit silly (for a change).
and then, a day or two later, i walked back Gertrand’s old house.


can you see what’s happened here ? liberty has become berty.
so this photo is for you if your name is berty.

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