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buzz aldrin


totally amazing to get to hear buzz aldrin speak this morning.  if you live in auckland he’s available to hear for free tomorrow morning too (and then a pop concert to boot)


before he got up to speak he sat on the chair directly in front of me


so that means he’s technically sat on my camera.


i was almost as proud as the time i sat directly behind jon postel and vint cerf in geneva once.  or when i squeezed by tim berners-lee


oh yes, i’ve met them all !

(just in case you didn’t know, he’s the chap who landed on the moon with neil armstrong)



my moon (and mars) are upside down


did you see the moon on friday night.  it was great.  around midnight mars was nearby.  we’re in the southern hemisphere so mars is to the bottom right of the moon


i completely over-exposed my first shot, but the internal reflection was nicely exposed so i thought i’d keep it !


and here’s an interesting thing.  it’s the moon at perigree upside down as viewed from down under in new zealand.

nz moon


this how we see it.  i asked our good friend tony in the UK to take a shot the same day too to show the difference.  you can see the two side by side here

it turns out the world isn’t flat after all.

greek moon
i haven’t seen athens by day yet. hoorah for conferences in hotels.