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the light blue tops slowly advance on the dark blue tops.  milk racism is rife

blue milk


blue milk doesn’t sound good.  it sounds bad

bread and milk combo


ah.  that classic combo.  bread and milk.  that’ll be, er, milky bread sir.

milk shake

here’s a milk drink in the same place as the champagne a few days earlier.

what we can learn from milk cartons

we can learn a lot from milk cartons. look at how these two get on together, despite being different shapes and colours and having a different approach to things.
makes you think doesn’t it.

jumping for joy

it’s a while since we’ve had any milk pictures. i see a lot of milk bottles and cartons in the morning but haven’t taken many photos of them.
so here are three together. the chaps on the outside are giving the one in the middle a lift up. Is he injured or preparing for an acrobatic feat ? i wasn’t sure whether to look away or stay for the show.
how ambiguous some photos can be.

italian coffee

i went to an italian restaurant today with a colleague. the management were obviously obsessed with coffee and had put signs up all round the room and in red on the bottom of the menu warning about people having milky coffee with their meals. it’s tone was very aggressive.

update: due to popular demand, you can now click the image for a bigger version. however, i didn’t expect you to read it when i took it so i may need another trip to get a better shot. pizza anyone ?

more milk stories

see how this little carton has climbed these stairs. he’s the king of the milk castle and no mistake.