isle of ewe (i love you)


do you find it difficult to show your emotions and tell people you love them ?  well use this handy tip.  show them this picture which is of the Isle of Ewe.  Put it on the table and say “Isle of Ewe” and you’re sorted.

love in the street


this yellow blob looks a bit like st paul’s cathedral (if you close your eyes) with a big heart floating over it.



i had meant to use this photo on valentines day, but forget.  sorry about that.

happy valentines day !

a big snoggy valentines kiss to all you funkypancake readers !  (the blokes can have a virtual kiss from mrs funkypancake*) 


[*subject to mrs funkypancake agreement]

world’s longest hug

there was some competition going on at paddington station last night for the world’s longest hug.  i noticed the st john’s ambulance people were standing by in case there were any difficulties.


beer price anger and 4s a crowd

i spotted the poster at the bottom right in a pub on saturday evening when jane and i were having a lovely meal out.  i like the idea of the landlords being as disappointed about the price rise as the punter is.


jane thought i was taking a picture of the poster above it which she thought was bonkers, but i had read but not spotted the implications – who wants a romantic dinner for 4 or more ?

happy valentines day !

(i liked the champagne bottle in the frozen water at the bottom of this eros fountain in hyde park)