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knife fork spoon

red spoon





things we missed


this is something we missed from our crate before it arrived – it’s our cheese slicer.  we were delighted to be finally reunited

an outrageous spoon ratio


the latest spoon situation at the regulator.  often the spoons are shared fairly equally between two saucers, but last time i went there was a huge imbalance.  whatever happened to impartiality ?



lots of spoons


there’s been one day in your life so far when you’ve seen more spoons than any other day in your life.  i wonder when that was for me.  it’d be interesting to be able to revise your life so far with exciting statistics like that. 

i wonder what date i came in to contact with the most radiation, or had the heaviest pockets, or spoke the most words, or met the most people called Peter, or ate the most insects by accident.

what facts would you be interested in if you could find anything mundane about your life so far ?



one vs five, but why ?

a week later, but the ratio in the meeting room was even more extreme (though one of the spoons was nearly hidden and was only spotted when i pointed it 1 vs 4 ratio to a lawyer)