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ironing boards

ironing board

here’s an ironing board. it was dark, so it was a long exposure and someone walked across the photo which is why there’s a bit of a white blur over the front.
you can tell this was a christmas picture by the abandoned tree. perhaps someone decided to throw both out at the same time ?

there is nothing serious about music

on wednesday night i went to see Faust in london. it was probably the best gig i’ve ever been to. completely madness
the singer sets up an ironing board and (hot) iron and very nicely irons one of the audience’s shirt.
and afterwards looking very pleased with himself
you can see all my faust gig photos here. go on. they are quite good !

posh hotel

i’m staying in a right posh hotel in brussels whilst i’m at a conference. the whole idea of the place is to sell you more things whilst simultaneously providing every reason not to leave the hotel.
here are my very own slippers, dressing gown, iron and ironing board.
it’s also full of fantastic little things like this door chain thing which i spent ages whizzing back and forward.
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a feast of finds

look at all these things spilling out around this bin.
there’s a genuine roman plastic pillar:
an ironing board:
and a glove: