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fun words

fun fun fun


the first fun is !!fun!!

the second fun is !fun! and slightly bigger

the final fun is just big fun. 

simple as that.


have you checked your ferruls recently ? they may need replacing. especially if they have perished.


remembory is a word i forgot i knew. it’s a thing you once knew and know you knew, but can’t quite extract it from its storage.
it’s on the tip of your mind’s tongue (which is located near your mind’s eye).
when the thought is locked in the place between your memory and it being remembered, for a short while (sometimes longer) it’s a remembory (the thing) which is trapped in your remembory (the place).
a picture showing clearly the location of my remembory:


abbrevs are good. the key thing is to take a normal phrase or sentence, and construct an abbrev of it. live with the abbrev for a while and forget what the original phrase or sentence was. at this stage you are free to explore the meaning and expand out the abbrev into something more beautiful.
eg. FYI is obviously short for Feast Your Is (Eyes)

words alike

the furniture contains the future


speak only in coiffeurisms (hairdresser cliches)


try a bit of gerrymandering on anyone with artifically coloured hair over the weekend